Kama'aina Quiz

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
Kama'aina Quiz is a fun, interactive, online quiz filled with inside jokes and content for people living on O'ahu. At the end of the quiz, the quiz spits out a rating of how "local" you are - from "full-blown tourist" to "true kama'aina" (local in Hawaiian).

1. To indicate that answers are clickable, options turn orange and gently animate when hovered over.

2. When a guess is made, the correct answer is instantly revealed to provide instant satisfaction. First, the app scrolls down to a whitty description while at the same time, the correct answer is highlighted in green and wrong answers are highlighted red.

3. The "next question" button is displayed after a guess is made to keep users engaged with the current question.

4. To avoid confusion, the final score screen covers the entire page, featuring a prominent "Play Again" button.

5. When a user wants to play again, the quiz does not call page reload to reset the game so it's faster to start another game.

6. This app is fully responsive, designed to look great on all devices.