Shopping List App

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
The Shopping List App lets shoppers quickly compose a grocery list.

1. The flat vector, hero image used for all screen widths was created from scratch.

2. A user can create a new grocery item by typing in their item and either clicking on the 'Add' button or pressing 'return'. The new item softly animates onto the screen.

3. Users are able to check and uncheck grocery items without having to remove them from the list. Seeing what's been accomplished is satisfying to the user.

4. Users are able to edit existing items by clicking on an item's text. Once they have finished editing an item, they can either press 'return' or click out of the item to save the updated text.

5. Users can also delete items. The deleted item softly animates off the screen.

6. The app is fully responsive. In the mobile optimized version, the input bar is more aggressively highlighted to clearly point the user to the most important action - creating items.