Thinkful Mentor Training Guide

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
This is a training guide for new mentors at an online coding school. At the end of each chapter are short comprehension quizzes which unlocks the following chapter. Only after users complete all chapters and comprehension quizzes are they given the final steps to begin working as a mentor at the coding school.

1. An orange indicator highlights what chapter the user is currently on.

2. Colors are used to indiate that users can go back to completed chapters but not forward to locked chapters.

3. When answering questions, the question box instantly changes color to inidicate if the user is correct or inncorrect.

4. The "Next" button does not display unless both questions are answered correctly to keep users engaged on mastering the quiz.

5. This project is fully responsive and designed to work for all devices. In the mobile optimized version, the side menu bar becomes a fixed menu located at the top of a user's screen in a mobile-friendly drop-down format.